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I paint with melted beeswax. It's a process known as "Encaustic" from the Greek for "to heat". It is one of the oldest forms of painting, known to the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. It can be shiny smooth, or highly textured. It allows one to layer or scrape away, to be translucent or opaque, or to collage objects into your surface.


Contemporary Abstract

My work has been chiefly abstract, allowing me to make allusions to ideas, the works of other artists, or emotions without being too literal, too specific. It also allows me to push beyond my comfort zone, to find unexpected connections. Although I have a love of Art History, I use my art to explore, question, and comment on contemporary topics.


Political/Social Justice-oriented

Increasingly, my work has taken on a very political and social-justice orientation. In our current world, I cannot sit back and just make "pretty pictures." So a portion of my work is very political. And because I don't just do this for me, a portion of the sales of my  political work is donated to a variety of nonprofit and social justice organizations.


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Ritch Hanna Art

1060 N Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, United States

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